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Harald Schmitt | Special

Advertising for the vision impaired

We created a 3D magazine ad with a 3D picture and brail typography for blind people.


Translation: Between left and right is a lot of pleasure.


Translation: Maybe you miss hand lotion.


Translation: Sometimes 3 Dots are more important than others.

Creative Direction, Art Direction Agency Boebel, Adam/BBDO


Fire Brigade


Real installation  Translation: Fire brigade is searching for volunteers.    Creative Direction, Art Direction Agency Publicis


Taxi Frankfurt


Real installation.

Translation: You pissed you missed .Taxi 230033.

Creative Direction, Art Direction Agency Publicis



Animal Peace

Real installation ZOO Frankfurt



Creative Direction, Agency Boebel, Adam/BBDO


Renault Senic 4×4


Real installation Renault Scénic 4×4 Promotion Incentive “Doormat“     Translation: End of the ground.    Creative Direction, Agency Publicis


Taxi Frankfurt

cityflo kreuze

Real installation.    Translation: Died for a drink. / One for the road.    Creative Direction, Art Direction, Agency Publicis


Renault woman parking



Real installation Real lights were built into posters near parking spaces reserved for women.
The lights were switched on automatically by a motion sensor.
Translation:Renault Twingo, safety car in the category womans` parking

Creative Direction, Agency Publicis


Tesa ripp

Ad with a real cut at the page and only the logo is printed. The brand TESA is well known for adhesive tape.

Creative Direction, Art Direction   Agency Boebel, Adam / BBDO